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Training Programs

Our training programs are individually structured to maximize the potential of the horse while utilizing his or her unique personality and talents:

Whether starting a foal, developing the investment horse, working through specific issues or maximizing the abilities for a competitive show career, we will guide your horse to achieve their fullest potential.

Individual training rides and full training packages are available. We train to standard not time.

Cash or Money Order Only

Training Prices

Starting a Foal

Services Training Boarding Total
30 Days Training With Full Board $500 $200 $700

Training Includes Foundation Work (Basics):

  • Halter Breaking
  • Yield front end (pivot on rear)
  • Yield rear end (pivot on front)
  • Learning to longe
  • Learning to side pass
  • Learn voice commands (walk, trot, canter, whoa, back up)
  • Loading in a trailer

Starting a Horse Under Saddle (Includes Basics)

Services Training Boarding Total
30 Days Training With Full Board $700 $100 $800

Training Includes:

  • Desensitizing
  • Saddling
  • Bridling
  • Direct Reining
  • Stopping
  • Backing
  • Walk, Trot, Canter

Advanced Training

Services Training Boarding Total
60 Days Training With Full Board $1500 $200 $1700
90 Days Training With Full Board $2250 $300 $2550
* Minimum 60 days training

*Payments due each month

Training Includes:

  • Round pen work for collection
  • Emphasis on Basics
  • Pattern work for barrels/poles/Reining/Trail
  • Working with rider and horse for proper horsemanship
  • Hauling to shows/barrel racings for exposure

Problem Horse

Services Training Boarding Total
30 Days Training With Full Board $600 $200 $800

Training will be done in accordance with the specific needs of the horse.

Riding Lesson Programs

We have a wide range of lesson programs to meet the needs of beginner riders up to the advanced rider looking to fine tune their horsemanship skills. We specialize in pleasure riding, western pleasure, reining, barrel racing, pole bending and trail. We have individual rates as well as group lesson rates.

When scheduling a lesson for the first time, please indicate the level of experience the rider has so we may tailor the lesson to fit the riders needs and abilities.

Beginner Riders

Beginner lessons will focus on basic care, grooming and safety around a horse for the first half of the lesson. The second half of the lesson will consist of riding, balance, proper seat, control and how we communicate with our horse.

Intermediate Riders

Intermediate lessons will reitterate safety and communication with the horse and go more in depth into balance, seat, control and communication.

Advanced Riders

Advanced lessons will be tailored to fit the needs of the rider. We will work with you and your horse to create that special bond and unbeatable team.

Lesson Costs

Lesson Level Private Lesson Group Lesson Using Our Horses
Beginner $50/hour $40/hour $50/hour
Intermediate/Advanced $50/hour $40/hour $50/hour
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