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Cavalier Farrier Services

Quality Natural Hoof Care

Quality Natural Hoof Care

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Generation Ranch

Quality Hoof Care

A Little Bit of History

My name is Chris Cavalier and I am a Natural Hoof Care Practitioner.

We use the American Mustang as our model for trimming. While our horses do not experience the harsh climate and terrain of their brothers in the wild, we try to simulate the type of wear pattern and proper balance that our horses would get naturally if they were allowed to roam free.

Proper Hoof Care

The proper hoof care is of a paramount importance to your horse. There is an old adage "No Foot, No Horse". This statement is very true. But when we talk about proper foot care, we have to look at the entire horse. Not just their feet.

Their health is very important for them to have good healthy feet. A well balanced diet with turn out and exercise is important for our horses.

For a natural balanced foot it is best to maintain a proper trimming schedule. I recommend between 4-6 weeks depending on the horse and the amount movement they receive and hoof growth. For horses that are needing rehabilitation, the trim cycle could be as low as every 2-3 weeks.


Basic Trim - $45

Initially, we start with the set-up trim to start your horse down the proper path for strong natural feet. All trim cycles afterwards are our maintenance trims where we will maintain your horses natural foot.

Glue On Shoes

Front Shoes/Trim Back: Base Price $120
Full Shoes: $170

I utilize glue on shoes from EasyCare to allow for the natural expansion, contraction and vertical movement of the horses foot while still providing proper protection to the hoof, sole and frog.

Rehab Trim/Glue on Shoes - Base Price + Extras

The cost of rehab trimming or glue on shoes depends on what extras the horse will be needing. If the horse requires boots, glue on shells/shoes, casting, pads, etc, then the cost will reflect the costs of equipment and time required.

Types of Shoes

EasyShoe 3D
** New **
EasyShoe 3D
The EasyShoe 3D is a composite glue-on horseshoe designed for track and arena sports. The EasyShoe 3D is integrated with frog support by 3D HoofCare and finger tabs for easy gluing.

Cost: $48.00 * Sold in pairs

EasyShoe Compete
compete-front-web.jpg compete-tread-web.jpg
The EasyShoe Compete is a thin-webbed shoe for use on the track or on turf. The internal metal spine allows for maximum adjustment to a wide variety of hoof shapes and sizes.

Cost: $45.00 * Sold in pairs

EasyShoe Sport
sport-front-web.jpg sport-tread-web.jpg
The EasyShoe Sport is a wide-webbed shoe that offers maximum support across the sole. The internal metal spine allows the shoe to be adjusted to a variety hoof shapes and creates additional structural integrity.

Cost: $47.00 * Sold in pairs

EasyShoe Performance
performance-front-web.jpg performance-tread-web.jpg
The EasyShoe Performance is a wide-webbed shoe with integrated frog support. The unique design maintains support on and around the frog without hampering heel expansion and contraction.

Cost: $47.00 * Sold in pairs

EasyShoe Versa Glue On
versaglue_l.jpg VersaGlueShine_l.jpeg
The new EasyShoe Versa Grip Glue is a glue-on urethane horseshoe with integrated cuffs that make the gluing process quick and easy. Available in 13 sizes for both the front and hind patterns.

Cost: $48.00 * Sold in pairs

EasyShoe Octo
VersaGripOcto_l.jpeg VersaGripOctoOnHorse_l.jpeg
The EasyShoe Versa Grip Octo is a glue-on urethane horseshoe with integrated Finger Tabs that make the gluing process quick and easy. Simply stand the horse in the horseshoe and apply the tabs using Super Glue.

Cost: $48.00 * Sold in pairs

To see a complete list of available shoes, please visit

Boot/Shoe Accessories

Comfort Pads

EasyCare comfort pads increase solar support so that all horses, sound or unsound, are encouraged to move correctly. They can also be used to improve the fit of a hoof boot. Use them in hoof boots to help transition a horse from shod to barefoot, or as an aid in the treatment of laminitis, navicular and other hoof ailments. We recommend you work with your veterinarian or hoof care professional when treating any type of hoof pathology. Comfort Pads are available in two thicknesses (6mm and 12mm) and three densities (soft, medium and firm). EasyCare Comfort Pads must be cut to size. Simply stand the horse on the pad, trace around the hoof and trim the comfort pad with scissors to the outline of the hoof before placing the pad in the hoof boot.

Cost: $16.00 * Sold in pairs

Versa Grip Wedge 2.5 Degree

The EasyShoe Versa Grip Wedge attaches to all Versa Grip shoes using three included screws. The Wedge provides 2.5 degrees of heel lift or can be stacked to provide 5 or 7.5 degrees of lift. Available in 10 sizes for both the front and hind patterns.

Cost: $15.00 * Sold in pairs

Versa Grip Rocker

The EasyShoe Versa Grip Rocker attaches to the bottom of all Versa Grip shoes using eight included screws. The Rocker gives hoof care professionals the ability to add mechanics to a shoe without removing the shoe. Available in 10 front sizes.

Cost: $22.00 * Sold in pairs

My Philosophy

Natural hoof care is the practice of keeping horses so that their hooves are worn down naturally and so do not suffer overgrowth, splitting and other disorders. Horseshoes are not used, but domesticated horses may still require trimming, exercise and other measures to maintain a natural shape and degree of wear. Within the natural hoof care philosophy, the term barefoot horses refers to horses which are kept barefoot full-time, as opposed to horses who are fitted with horseshoes. The hooves of barefoot horses are trimmed with special consideration to a barefoot lifestyle. The barefoot horse movement advocates a generalized use of barefoot horses, both in non-competitive and competitive riding, often coupled with a more natural approach to horse care.

The barefoot trim aims to emulate the way in which hooves are maintained naturally in wild horse herds, like feral horse herds such as the American Mustang.