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March 10th was Scooter's first time going down the road and through the trails. He did good for the most part. We did have a couple little snags but we got them worked out. We did go through some water areas, one was much deeper than anticipated because of all the rain. The video, I think, is quite humorous.

Keep checking back from time to time as I will be posting his progress.

March 16th, scooter has been doing very well going down the trails. The other day we found a new place to ride and we had to cross a flooded creek, he did great. He is making a very good trail horse.

March 23rd, Today we were going to go for a short ride because it looked like it was going to rain. We ended up riding for nearly two hours. Went down some different trails and exploring the area. Scooter wanted to go and ride. From the very start, he was ready to go. Each time we had a grassy area he wanted to break into a canter. We did a lot of loping when we have the opportunity. I think he really enjoyed the ride. Didn't have any issues with him at all.
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