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Roxy has made great progress in the last few days. She is still jumpy and unsure of herself but she is starting to learn to trust. The other day I was able to lead her out to my round pen and do some work with her in it rather than in her pen.

She is a very nicely built horse and I think if we can get her over being nervous, she will make a very nice horse.

March 15th, Today we worked on a little bit of tarp work. She did very well. Only pulled back once. Then we got her all groomed and brushed. Sprayed her with fly spray. She didn't like it but she stood there and accepted it. Then we went for a walk around the yard to work on her leading skills. Afterwards we worked on lunging and leading from the off side. She did very well.

March 16th, today we worked in the round pen today for the first time. Had her saddled up and leading around. Got her lunging nicely starting out and changing directions without any fuss. She's slowly making progress.

March 21st, today Roxy made some very good progress. I had bitted her out and put her on driving lines. Then later, after she started doing good and not spooking from everything. I had stepped up in the stirrup and laid across her back. I'm figuring that we should be riding by this weekend.

March 23rd, Today was a big day for roxy. Check out the video but it was her first ride and she was actually very relaxed with the whole ordeal. She didn't offer to buck and she didn't spook at anything. I was very impressed with her and we rode for about fifteen minutes and called it quits for her first ride.

March 31st, Today was a fun and treacherous adventure. My mother and I went riding and found some new trails to ride down. The water hazards were ridiculous. Roxy and I lead the way through all the water crossings. This one very long crossing, which I have a video of my mother crossing, had a very deep rut in it that Roxy and I fell into. Her head went completely under water when she fell into the rut. She came back up and was practically swimming. She didn't falter at all. Didn't spook or get scared from falling off into the water. She took it all like a champ. Then later at another crossing, she went through a deep rut and she decided to lay down, again. She plopped right down with water flowing over me and the saddle. My boots were completely full of water. When we started to head back home, both the horses were exhausted. About 50 feet from the driveway at the house, Roxy decided to lay down again in the grass and take a break. Got a picture of her resting.

Roxy, even though green broke, feels like a seasoned trail horse already. Nothing bothers her on the trail.
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