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Dagger is a 2010 model Mustang. He is from Kamma Mountains, NV. He was tough to train. It took some time to get earn his trust. He had actually kicked me four different times during our 100 days of training and I was seriously thinking of sending him back because I had felt that he was going to be too dangerous. We had worked on his kicking issue though, and he had finally gotten over it and learned to start trusting me. His training was made even more difficult due to all the rain we had had over the summer. I had felt like he was not ready for the competition but a friend of mine, Amanda Bradford, told me to stick with it. She said he would come around.

When we went to Ft. Worth for the show, I felt he was still not ready for the show. He had okay stops and turnarounds, but not good enough to make the finals so I had not planned any routine or music for the finals.

After all the preliminary events we were sitting 3rd going into the finals. I was completely surprised by how well he was doing. Then in the finals, with a last minute music selection and a reining routine I came up with, Dagger absolutely blew me away. He was completely calm in front of the 6,000 people and he performed absolutely phenomenal. He had amazing slide stops, caught his lead changes on command.

I couldn't have been more proud. He was adopted by a gentleman that lived there in Ft. Worth.
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