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Jasper is a 3 year old gelding. His owner Alex is a first time horse owner and we are working with Jasper to make a nice trail riding horse.

Jasper went back home yesterday. His owner came out and rode him around the round pen. She is very happy with him. Now she is going to get riding lessons so she will know as much as Jasper :)

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Roxy belongs to Steve Glidden's Father. She is very skiddish and untrusting. We are going to be working with her for the next 30 days to see if we can get her over her anxiety. She is a very sweet horse and she tries to trust.

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Scooter is a very sweet paint gelding. He does have some bad habits on the ground. He tends to be a little too pushy at eating time and he is bad about crowding. We are currently working on these issues.

He is in training for 30 days to help with his manners and to get tuned up. We are going to be putting many miles on him, down the road and through trails and woods.

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This is Ali, She was having some behavioral issues when being saddled and she was a bit pushy on the ground. After some work we had realized that she was in pain. After a trip to the vet, we found out that she had ulcers. After treatment Ali was a totally different horse.

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